Super Talent has Apple-approved DIMMs!

Super Talent memory modules are designed for 100% compatibility with the latest Mac computers. As an Apple Validation Partner, Super Talent tests its memory on all the leading systems in Apple’s validation labs.

Guaranteed 100% Compatible!

Check your system’s user manual to find out the allowed maximum memory and the type that is supported. To maximize your performance, using more memory is better.

When considering a memory upgrade, compatibility is the key issue. If you are unsure on how to choose your memory module, use Super Talent’s Memory Finder tool to easily find memory that is best fit to your system.

Choosing Super Talent’s Apple approved DIMMs guarantees compatibility to your Mac system since our products meet Apple standards for performance and thermal and electrical specifications.

Why Super Talent?

After determining how much memory you need, you need to review vendors that sell your specific memory type. Although there are many companies that sell Apple-certified memory, Super Talent is a Mac memory expert. What separates Super Talent from the generic memory supplier is that we do extensive validation testing on all Mac modules. By the time you get your apple certified memory, it is 100% tested and guaranteed 100% compatible.





Custom USB drives are ideal for transporting presentations, digital music and photos. Super Talent manufactures a wide variety of custom USB drive styles, colors and capacities. These drives are all high speed USB 2.0 compliant, are 100% tested, and are backed with Super Talent’s warranty.

We specialize in custom services for USB drives including:

– Custom Logo Printing

– Custom Packaging

– Preloaded Software

– Auto-play feature

– Custom Casing Color or Casing Design.

– AES-256 Encryption Options


laptop memory-banner

laptop memory-1

Super Talent laptop memory is designed to be compatible with a wide range of portable computers. The Super Talent engineering team rigorously tests to ensure quality and compatibility.


DDR, DDR2, DDR3 offerings

SO-DIMM modules up to 8GB



Super Talent desktop memory is fully compliant with industry standards to ensure compatibility with motherboards and OEM systems. All new products, new component suppliers, and technology changes are subjected to stringent hardware and software testing in our Compatibility Labs prior to production.


DDR, DDR2, DDR3 offerings

Available with or without ECC

Optional heat spreaders provide thermal dissipation



Super Talent’s SSDs (solid-state drives) are data storage devices that use NAND Flash memory as the storage medium. SSDs have lower power consumption, faster performance, and are lighter and less noisy compared to conventional hard disk drives (HDDs).

Upgrading from a HDD to a SDD is easy since they are 100% compatible. While standard spinning HDDs are the first system component to fail in extreme conditions, an SSD is an asset. SSDs are durable, reliable, and bring unparalleled performance to your system.

Utilizing high density industrial grade NAND Flash chips, Super Talent now offers a variety of SSDs for ultra-rugged applications and high performance consumer and commercial use. Super Talent’s SSD technology, including proprietary wear leveling algorithms and bad bit management, are protected under US patents # 7,243,185; 7,301,776 and 7,318,117. Super Talent is reinventing storage.

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