iPhone & iPad in Business

iOS is designed to deliver everything business users need to do their best work wherever they are. With a simple, intuitive interface, powerful built-in features and rock-solid stability, iOS provides the foundation to drive productivity in game-changing ways.


Below are 10 key reasons why iOS is the best choice for business:


1.Engaging user experience

immerse yourself in the task at hand. From built-in apps to thousands of apps ready for work in the

App Store. From asking Siri to schedule a meeting to video conferencing with FaceTime. Everything is

easy, intuitive and familiar.


2.Unique features

A completely integrated approach to product design brings unique features to life. Hardware and

interacting with the data, not a piece of technology.You can share a contact with a nearby colleague

in a few taps using AirDrop. Present ideas to a group using AirPlay Mirroring and AppleTV. Let remote

colleagues see what you see using FaceTime. Only on iOS.


3.Seamless software updates

An integrated approach enables iOS to have excellent support for software updates.This means that as

software evolves and new features are added, updates are immediately available to all devices, bringing

new functionality for users and IT departments. All iOS software updates are made available for free, on

the same day across a wide variety of supported devices and models.


4.Scalable Deployment

From ten devices to ten thousand, corporate-owned or BYOD, deploying iPhone and iPad devices in

services and start working right away — all without requiring help from IT.

Do not distribute to customers. For Sales Training purposes only.


5.Enterprise-grade security

iOS is designed with advanced security technologies that provide end-to-end control of devices, data

information networks.


6.Complete management

iOS provides all the tools you need to set up, deploy and manage iOS devices without compromising

the user experience.Thanks to iOS and built-in frameworks for third-party mobile device management


7.Innovative Apps built-in

iOS and an ever-expanding collection of features and built-in apps make iPhone and iPad even more

powerful, innovative and enjoyable to use for work. Apps like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders

business opportunity.


8.App store

volume and easily distribute apps throughout your entire organization. Users get a great experience

and IT can trust that all apps are reviewed by Apple to ensure they operate as described. Simply put,

they just work.


9.Custom B2B Apps

iOS is the perfect platform for in-house app development.Take advantage of world-class developer

and more.



and OS X, so you can start a project in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on one device and pick up right

for iCloud beta. Just sign in to iCloud from a browser on your Mac or PC and you can create new

documents or edit existing ones. And any changes you make will automatically appear in the iWork

apps on your iOS devices.