Mac in Business

From notebooks to desktop computers, every Mac is packed with the latest technologies, advanced features, and robust security to meet your business needs. It’s never been easier to get more power and productivity for your organization.


Below are 10 key reasons why Mac is the best choice for business:

1- Amazing hardware – greet performance.

The quality of Mac hardware means that you get a better result. The Mac lineup has options for any business environment, from notebooks with all – day battery life to powerful desktop computers. Every Mac is made with innovative components that give you smoother graphics, faster storage, and great all around performance. No matter which Mac you choose, you get superior performance for just about everything you do.


2- Advanced OS- designed for productivity

OS X – the powerful operating system driving every Mac – givers you an edge over the competition. It is designed to deliver the most intuitive and integrated computer experience in the world- saving time and getting better results, with fantastic ease of use. And now with OS X mavericks available for free, it’s never been easier to keep your Mac up to date on the software front.


3- Safety built right in – of course

Apple’s comprehensive approach to security makes the Mac the ideal choice for business . OS X mavericks is built on a rock solid UNIX foundation. It’s full of advanced technologies that work together to constantly monitor, encrypt, update – and ultimately keep your Mac safer. Gatekeeper makes it safer to download and install apps. File vault safeguards your data using strong encryption. And sandboxing protects your Mac by isolating apps from each other, as well as from your system and your data.


4- Apps made for business – from the start

Key business apps are provided with the Mac, saving you money and time . OS X Mavericks comes with apps email , messages, scheduling , contacts, reminders , browsing the web, video conferencing and automatic backup. And now every Mac includes pages, numbers , and keynote , so you can create and share documents , spreadsheets, and presentations right from the start . via the Mac app store you can easily add specific apps for your business needs, check the curetted business apps, or as many businesses do , consider custom apps for your business.


5- Works with windows – effortlessly

No worries if you or your clients also use windows. A Mac can fit into just about any business environment – including windows networks. you can easily transfer all the files from your old Pc to a new Mac using migration assistant in OS X , work with Microsoft office documents , or run windows on your Mac with boot camp. OS X mavericks has built in support for the latest version of Microsoft exchange server, so you can keep your email , calendars , and contacts all in one place, with the I work business applications provided you can open and edit Microsoft office files, or export your document in word, PowerPoint , or excel formats.


6- Present your business – beautifully

Every new Mac comes with the i work suite of pages, numbers and keynote which enable you to easily create stunning business document and presentations. Pages offers beautiful documents incorporating images, photos and charts, numbers frees the spreadsheet from old fashioned layouts, keynote introduces dazzling company presentations.


7- Collaborate – effectively

No more sending endless versions of a document back and forth with modifications. Pages, numbers , and keynote are the dynamic business applications included in the iwork suite that make sharing and collaborating easy. You can just share a secure link to your work via mail , messages, twitter, or face book so colleagues can work on it directly . And iwork for icloud beta lets up to twenty people edit the same document at the same time from any Mac or pc browser – anywhere in the world, in real time.


8- Easy and intuitive

Easy of use is key to enable you to focus on the real work. You can rapidly find , create and share your work , and do everything you need to do for your business . your vital documents , events and contacts are automatically synced across your IOS devices via icloud , so you can add a calendar event on you iphone and it appears on your Mac, or create an iwork document on your Mac, then continuer editing on your ipad on the road . from the desktop view to the applications you use every day, it’s all designed to be easy and intuitive . so you and your employees love it.


9- Environmentally friendly – the bottom line

Bigger picture , better products, smaller impact. Apple is highly committed to designing products that have the least possible environmental impact. Which is why every Mac is energy efficient , free of many harmful toxins, and highly recyclable. Apple runs an extensive recycling program and reuse program which may enable you to dispose responsibly of waste electronic equipment free of charge.


10- High value , low maintenance – get your money’s worth.

Apple is the clear choice for business from a financial point of view , taking into account all the factors including the software include, high reliability hence low support and maintenance costs, training , minimal downtime and virus problems. Apple is focused on providing quality products that last a long time – this explains the high residual value of used Macs. Which makes them some of the most affordable computers for leasing programs. All in all , investing in a Mac can be a wise choice financially over time for your business.

Top reasons organizations are recruiting Macs to work:

It’s simple. Employees love getting things done. Fast . that’s why they love the Mac. And that’s why more teams are requesting Macs at the office. Discover why today’s winning organizations are recruiting Mac computers to work.


1- Fits into your network, while leveraging IT investments .

Mac systems integrate seamlessly into enterprise networks . the Mac has built in support for Microsoft exchange, active directory, distributed file system technology and windows file sharing protocols (CIFS / SMB) , as well as Cisco and open standard VPN protocols and 802.1 X authentication. This means employees don’t have to deal with compatibility issues. And IT teams can leverage existing technology investments while safely deploying and managing the Mac.

2- Runs the applications you need.

Your business really can do it all on a Mac. The Mac runs Microsoft office and iwork, apple’s productivity suite. It also runs a wide range of third party business application with native support for the Mac. The Mac supports business intelligence applications, so your mission critical data can be mined from ERP and CRM databases like SAP, oracle and sales force. And if your business depends on software that’s not available for the Mac, you can install windows on a Mac and then run the application.

3- Works to safeguard your data – no extra charge.

The Mac has a multilayered system of defenses that works to protect data, applications and services against malware. Built in technologies such as file vault 2 provide data at rest protection by encrypting the entire drive on you Mac. When it comes to software, gatekeeper helps protect users from downloading and installing malicious software. OS X also employs advanced security features, such as sandboxing, library randomization and tagged downloads for runtime protection. And for protecting data in transit, the Mac offers an easy to use application based firewall and VPN client – all at no extra charge.

4- Your employees love Mac.

Apple’s popularity among students and consumers translates into a strong preference for the Mac among many employees. With Mac as an IT standard, your organization may have an advantage when competing for top candidates who prefer the Mac. And when it comes to employee productivity , it’s good to know that every Mac system is equipped with incredibly fast Intel processors and high performance graphics. So whether on the road or in the office, your employees can access the power of the Mac.

5- Great support .. create value.

The Mac’s renowned ease of use can also reduce support costs. Employees using a Mac tend to make fewer help desk calls, which means lower tech support costs. When you do need assistance , apple care offers businesses a wide range of flexible , award winning and cost effective support options , and when it comes to making a smart investment , the Mac typically has a great resale value so you’ll be saving across the board.

6- Delivers rock solid reliability

What makes OSX such a powerful , secure and stable operating system is the technology being it – a fully certified , rock – sold UNIX foundation, and because apple designs the Mac and OS X to work together , a Mac is less susceptible to crashing and freezing. That means you have more time to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

To order the following materials, contact your apple authorized reseller or apple representative.

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– Mac in the enterprise IT configuration guide.

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– strategies and best practices for evaluating and deploying Mac computers in the enterprise.

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– Mac integration basics 10.7 : adding a Mac to a windows or other standards – bases network.

Why employees want Mac:
Apples’ popularity among university students and consumers translates into a strong preference for Mac among many employees and recruits , and with the latest release of OS X , Mac works even better with Ipad and Iphone . here are top reasons why your employees want Mac at work.
1- employees love Mac productivity , it’s simple , when it comes to being productive, many employees just prefer Mac . OS X runs a wide range of productivity applications, including Microsoft office and iwork. When teams need to tap into corporate data , Mac supports business intelligence, ERP and CRM applications , and if your employees need a windows application, they can connect to a virtual desktop or install windows on a Mac to run it.
2- keeps mobile – savvy workers moving. Mac book air is thin and light enough to take everywhere , so execs can tap into business intelligence on the road or sales teams can create presentations on the fly . macbook air delivers instant – on responsiveness and a long – lasting battery that can get employees through the entire day on a single charge.
3- flexibility for your engineers. Mac is built on a solid UNIX foundation . it can also run just about any development tool. Popular applications like Microsoft office and adobe Photoshop run on Mac , so developers have access to their favorite productivity applications – alongside their development tools. And the power of macbook pro enables engineers to tackle projects from anywhere.
4- content creators get the tools they need. With imac , creative professionals get an all in one computer – display, processor, graphics, storage and memory – inside one simple enclosure . and with a wide array of software available, from adobe creative suite to apple final cut pro. Content creators get superior performance from Mac .
5- accessible technologies built in. every Mac comes equipped with a wealth of assistive technologies. Features such as text to speech, voiceover, screen and cursor magnification , and high contrast settings all give employees the ability to maximize their productivity while improving their work environment.
6- quick access to the latest training content. Mac delivers compelling content using airplay mirroring and apple TV. Instructors can beam content from web pages, videos, spreadsheets and more onto an HDTV.
7- trade ins that pay. Leases that save. Yu can provide your teams with leading edge technology and get substantial money back from your used equipment – by tranding in old Mac systems and ipad or iphone devices. But that’s not all . you can also lease Mac systems with a discounted minimal upfront investment.
8- designed with the environment in mind. Apple is committed to designing products that have the least possible environmental impact. Which is why every Mac is energy efficient, free of many harmful toxins and highly recyclable.