Higher Education


Top reasons for a Mac in Higher Education

There are compelling reasons why Macs are the best PCs for Higher Education, and why they can make a difference. Pick those that you find relevant for a customer conversation.

  1. A commitment to education. For over 30 years, Apple has been dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through technology. From products designed with education in mind, such as the durable MacBook Air, to tools like iBooks Author and iTunes U, Apple continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to education.


  1. The leader in mobile learning. Apple leads the way in mobile computing with devices such as MacBook, iPad and iPod touch. Apple’s mobile computing products are durable, lightweight and feature an incredible battery life. With the MacBook Air, students and staff can work an entire day with no need to find a power point.


  1. A Mac is built as good as it looks. Apple makes sure that each Mac is precisely built, inside and out. A Mac is an investment in innovative, high-quality hardware, from state-of-the-art components like the Retina display to unibody encasings and ambient light sensors.


  1. Reliable and secure. Apple designs the hardware, the operating system and many built-in software applications, ensuring a high level of system stability straight out of the box. The core of OS X is UNIX, the rock-solid platform that’s tried and tested in the industry to be stable, secure and free from PC viruses. It provides a clean and simple interface, consistent menu commands and tight integration between applications. Therefore, Mac users will generally need relatively little support.


  1. High value, low maintenance. When you consider all the built-in features on a Mac — including a wealth of software — in addition to the low cost of training, support and maintenance, Apple is the clear choice. Apple is focused on providing quality products that last a long time. This explains the high residual value of used Macs, which makes them some of the most affordable computers for leasing programmes.


  1. The most compatible and interoperable technology platform. With the ability to run applications such as Microsoft Office, connect to Outlook Exchange and to any network infrastructure, share files with PCs and even run Microsoft Windows, today’s Intel-powered Mac computers provide the ultimate compatibility with a PC environment.


  1. Environmentally friendly. Apple is highly committed to designing products that have the least possible environmental impact. Which is why every Mac is energy efficient, free of many harmful toxins and highly recyclable.


  1. More productive with less effort. With creative and productive software suites like iLife and iWork, students and lecturers can produce meaningful, graphics-rich and appealing documents amazingly quickly, without having to be technical experts. Paired with the ease of use of OS X, you get where you want to go faster and smoother on a Mac.