Support Apple


At core, our business is more than tech support, we’re business support.  Traditionally, business tech support hasn’t focused on Apple technology, which for many Mac business users, meant tech support was: “I know a guy who knows a bit about Apple”. Relying on the boss’s nephew or just someone that someone knows is not a solid technology strategy for business.


iknow is the only business of its kind in the area, offering Apple Authorized onsite service from highly trained Apple Certified IT pros who know the technology cold, who will come out to your business and get you sorted out, quickly, and who will take a look at the big picture and help your technology run smarter. No one else brings you our expertise, knowledge and business savvy.


We’re here to help, offering expert answers to your questions on Apple products with no waiting and no parking hassles.


For more than 10 years, we’ve been working with businesses on their technology to help them succeed. Most of the time, when a new client calls us, it’s because there’s a problem that needs fixing. When the server chokes. When the network isn’t networking. When finance software won’t talk to production software.


But we don’t just fix it and leave. While we’re working on your problem, we ask questions about your operation, analyze your setup, and make recommendations that can save you time and money and make things run more smoothly. Instead of being frustrated, you’re once again excited about the potential of your own technology. Remember that feeling you had back when you first got it? And most of the time, our ‘fix-it visits’ turn into a new long-term client once they understand how we can help.


Because we have a wealth of knowledge about how the technology we’re working on affects your business, and we want to share it with you to help you succeed. As one client said recently, “I always learn something when iknow is here.”